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PC Rides is a visionary computer systems manufacturer whose goal is to create high quality, stylish and beautiful computer designs that can be enjoyed by automotive enthusiasts to satisfy all of their business and personal computing needs.

PC Rides has pioneered numerous industry trends and practices that will revolutionize the standard desktop personal computer. We are the first company to incorporate the innovations of top automobile manufactures around the world into a 1:10 scale model with details and colors matching the actual vehicle. All our models are under license agreements with the automobile manufacturers.

We apply new thinking to create a more simple and reliable experience with technology, improving the way our customers interact with technology.


All of our computers are designed and built in California, USA, using only the highest quality and performance parts and materials.


PC Rides strives to be the premier provider of customized computers through innovation and revolutionary design. We are dedicated to building lasting customer relationships based on superior quality, solid performance, unquestionable responsiveness, and high level professionalism.

Assembled in USA
Chevrolet, Chevy, Camaro, all related Emblems and the vehicle model body designs are General Motors Trademarks used under license to Icon PC’s Inc.